Rules and Regulations

River Raisin Marina & Campground - Rules and Regulations

  1. Any person not on your seasonal contract is a guest and will be charged accordingly. Registered camper must be 21 years of age or accompanied by an adult.   It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your visitors register with the River Raisin Marina and Campground Management prior to entering the park.  Camping rates are based on one sleeping unit for a family of five - 2 parents, 3 children under age 18 or one couple. One small tent may also be on site for child use only with prior approval by management.   Maximum allowable stay on lawn is 3 nights. Additional person $5.00 nightly, $25 weekly, $100.00 monthly.  Every effort is made to honor requests for specific sites; however we cannot guarantee any site for availability. 
  2. Any persons permitting another person, who is not on the contract, to use their gate pass will forfeit their camping privilege immediately and must remove themselves, their equipment and belongings from the site immediately.
  3. A child is any person under the age of 18.  You are responsible for the actions and safety of your children, and other children who are under your supervision.  All children must obey the curfew of 11:00 pm and must be on their sites or accompanied by a parent.  No child may be left in the campground without a responsible adult supervising them. Additionally, no children may ride bicycles after 8pm.
  4. Extra vehicle must be kept in Visitor’s Parking area. All motorcycles must be parked in visitor’s Parking area area. 
  5. Visiting hours - 10 am to 10 pm. Only camper’s pre-specified guests will be admitted. Visitors must park in Visitor’s Parking area - no exceptions. Visitor fee is $2.50 per guest - age 2 and over. Maximum number of persons on site is 8, to increase the number of visitors prior approval required by the River Raisin Marina and Campground management.  You are responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests.  River Raisin Marina and Campground is in no way responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests.  It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests learn, understand and abide by all of the Rules and Regulations of the river Raisin Marina and Campground.  It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests know what fees they may incur and the sanctions for violation of the Rules.
  6. Quiet Hours are to be observed from 11:00pm to 7:00am.  All radios, stereos, and all other audio equipment must be turned off, during this time.  No loud music is permitted to be played or broadcast at any time outside of quiet hours.  Generators are not to be used during quiet hours. Generators are to be used in short increments between 9am - 9pm.  Vehicles are not to drive through campground areas between 12 midnight and 7 am except for medical emergency. 
  7. AT YOUR OWN RISK, only trailers may be left on site for the winter.  River Raisin Marina and Campground, it’s agents, servants, employees, and representatives are in no way responsible for any trailer, possessions, etc., which remain on site for the winter.  You release the River raisin  Marina and Campground from any and all liability for damage, theft, and casualty, if you leave your trailer on site for the winter.
  8. When the Campground is closed, you may visit for the day only.  No campfires are permitted and all trash you generate must be removed from the campground.
  9. The River Raisin Marina and Campground recycles.  All trash must be separated into 3 groups: 1-glass; 2-cans;  3-regular trash.  You must put the separated trash into the proper respective containers.  You must deposit the glass and cans loosely.
  10. Littering is prohibited in every area of the Campground. 
  11. The speed limit in the Campground is 5 mph.  Failure to drive the speed limit will result in the automatic loss of your gate pass and possible forfeit of your camping privileges.  All motorized vehicles (cars, boats, motorcycles, must be street legal, registered, and insured as defined by the Division of Motor Vehicles. Golfcarts are permitted.  No mini-bikes, dirt bikes, go-carts, go peds, gas or electric scooters or other such vehicles are permitted.
  12. Only contracted guests may store currently registered boats or watercraft or currently registered trailers in the Campground.  Storing such items is done at your own risk.  All items must be well maintained and serviceable.  Winter storage of such items must be done on your site.
  13. All campers and their visitors are required to conduct themselves in a respectable manner.  Campers and guests to use dedicated pots on the docks to dispose of cigarette butts. Butts may also be thrown in firering - NOT on the grass, in the water, or on the ground at any time.
  14. All campers and their visitors are to respect campground property.  You are responsible for reporting any unusual occurrences to the River Raisin Marina and Campground Management
  15. Any persons compromising another campers privileges will have their camping privileges revoked immediately.
  16. All persons entering the Campground do so at their own risk.  All campers and their visitors are required to obey all municipal ordinances, resolutions, and other laws, all county regulations and laws , all state laws, and all federal laws.
  17. In its sole discretion, The River Raisin Marina and Campground reserves the right to revoke your camping privileges should you and your children and/or visitors fail to comply with any of these Rules.  By utilizing the Campground and its services you hereby consent to the same.  Notice to parents or guardians: You are responsible for damage and other acts of vandalism committed by your children or wards. Vandalism of any kind is not permitted. Anyone found to be damaging picnic tables, campground equipment and/or buildings,  signs, trees, bushes, birds, animals, will be subject to removal from the Campground. 
  18. River Raisin Marina & Campground reserves the right to take any action at equity and/or law that we deem appropriate to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the River Raisin Marina and Campground, and/or to satisfy any claims we may have.
  19. Any modification, amendment, or failure to enforce any of the Rules and Regulations by the River Raisin Marina and Campground, its representative, agents, employees and servants, shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the requirement of compliance with same by you, your children and/or visitors. 

Site rules: 

  • Campers and guests are permitted to fish off the dock they rented or obtain permission first from the River Raisin Marina and Campground Management.  
  • Each site must have an adult in charge at all times.
  • All campsites will remain uncluttered.
  • To dry towels and or clothing be discreet, when clothing and or towels are dry take it down/ in.
  • Absolutely NO grills of any kind on picnic tables. No cleaning fish on picnic tables.
  • Alcoholic consumption restricted to own site.
  • No bike riding after dark.
  • Radios, car stereos, boom boxes, TVs are not to be heard beyond 50 ft. from site at any time.
  • Garbage shall be put in the dumpster and not left sitting out.

Swimming rules:

  • No swimming permitted in the Marina dock areas.
  • No lifeguard on duty along river.
  • Parents must accompany children by the river.
  • No fishing or swimming after sundown.

Pet rules:  

  • You must provide proof that your pet(s) is current on all required shots prior to entering park. All pets must be attended, leashed, and cleaned up after in all areas of the Marina/ campground.
  • Animals must accompany owner when owner leaves campground.
  • Any camper having a dangerous or noisy pet shall be asked to take the pet off the premises

These rules will be strictly enforced.  The Campground is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and the right of dismissal from the Campground with no refund and restitution required when indicated.  Rules may be added to, subtracted from, or changed as management sees fit.